The Pleasure Feast!

February 3 - March 31

The Pleasure Feast!


The Pleasure Feast! And YOU are invited. Food and Frivolity - Don't miss the incredibly delicious and wildly raucous Pleasure Feast!

Savor five courses of fine foods and ample drynk, served with a side order of live entertainment and Festival souvenir (Limited edition toasting goblet to take home). See what the Royal Chef has in store for YOU here! Be treated like royalty as the as the boisterous servers dish up a roaring good time! Limited seating twice daily makes this the most exclusive event at the Festival! Your Pleasure Feast purchases includes admission to the Festival ($34.00 value).

There will be fearsome pirates with treasure chests of laughs to entertain you on this adventure along with upbeat music and sea-faring silliness for ALL at the loudest and most exclusive affair in the Festival Village of Fairhaven.

The AZ Renaissance Festival transports visitors to a medieval amusement park, a 16-stage theater, a circus, an arts and crafts extravaganza, a jousting tournament, people powered games and rides, mermaids and a feast -- all rolled into one non-stop, ALL-DAY adventure.

Have you bowed before a QUEEN?! Locked looks with a KNIGHT in Shining Armor? What are you waiting for? Experience Action & Adventure at the Faire. All the festival is a stage; you never know what unpredictable mayhem YOU may find as you explore the 50 acre shire.

The 16th century festival is home to many popular traditions including chomping down on a giant roasted “turkey leg” or Cheering "HUZZAH" at the jousting tournament. The Marketplace features over 200 artisans displaying a variety of unique, hand-made wares. Watch as the ancient skills of glassblowing, leather work, weaving, woodcarving, blacksmithing, candle making and pottery are displayed...IT IS A SHOPPER'S PARADISE! 

Remember to dress comfortably, wear sunscreen, and drive safely-ENJOY THY TRIP BACK TO THE 16th Century! Parking is FREE courtesy of Bashas' & Food City.

Take a sneak peek at the upcoming festivities! 

For more information visit the Arizona Renaissance Festival website.